LDS Quotes On Genealogy

All members of the LDS church are taught from an early age that tracing their family history back to its roots or genealogy as it is known is an important part of Mormon life.  The importance of LDS family history is so important to LDS church members that as well as being taught at home the teachings also carry over into Church services. During a Mormon Church service speakers will give member’s guidance and instruction on a number of different life matters this includes the importance of family history research.

“The dead who repent will be redeemed, through obedience to the ordinances of the house of God,” but only if they accept those ordinances. The Church does not list them on its rolls or count them in its membership.”D. Todd Christofferson.

“There is no greater blessing that you can have than to stand as a proxy in a great service to those who have gone beyond. And it will be your privilege and your opportunity and your responsibility to live worthy to go to the temple of the Lord and be baptized in behalf of someone else.”Gordon B. Hinckley.

“The person who is working on his or her family history fits the description of one who is fulfilling his or her duty. I know the effort, I know the expense. I know the difficulties through which one may go to uncover one name. I know our Heavenly Father is aware of these efforts. And those for whom we perform sacred ordinances are aware of our efforts. Oftentimes, in a miraculous way, there shall appear before us a clear pathway through a field of turbulence.”Thomas S. Monson.

The importance of LDS genealogy is illustrated in the Mormon quotes above. These Mormon quotes are often used in church services and general conference talks that are held twice a year.